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Who needs media training? Everyone. After all, how many media savvy personalities have blown up in front of a live mic? It doesn’t matter if this is your first interview or your fiftieth; we coach you on how to present yourself in the best possible manner.

  • Do you know your talking points?
  • Do you have good anecdotes?
  • Can you provide a “victim” for the reporter to interview?
  • Are you rehearsed and ready?
  • Have you practiced your ad-libs?
  • Are you wearing the right clothes?


Don’t wait until the camera is rolling and the reporter’s notepad is out to consider these points. ON THE MARC MEDIA gets you ready long before the interview. Get your points across, sell your ideas and most importantly, get the media to come back for more.

Make sure when the camera light goes on – you’re ON THE MARC.



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