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In the News: Savenia Labs Featured on Fox 5


Saving the environment and saving cash can now go hand in hand, thanks to OTMM client, Savenia Labs.  This company is revolutionizing the way consumers shop for everyday appliances through its brand new Savenia Labs Energy Ratings, revealed exclusively to Fox 5.

For the first time ever, Washington D.C area consumers will be able to compare the lifetime energy costs of running small appliances such as coffee makers, toaster ovens and microwaves.  Savenia Labs is partnering with local ACE Hardware stores to carry the Energy Rating labels in their stores.

These easy-to-read labels offer a unique public service to D.C. residents. Savenia Labs Energy Ratings will allow consumers to compare the cost of an appliance with the energy costs of that appliance.  Some coffeemakers may cost users several hundred dollars to run over a five-year lifetime, when an energy saving model might only cost them $30 over the same period. Because of Savenia Labs, D.C. residents now have the inside scoop.

“We are delighted to introduce Savenia Labs Energy Ratings to residents of our nation’s capital, which has the largest number of energy efficient buildings in the country,” said John Jabara, founder, Savenia Labs.  “Local residents can now shop for more energy efficient products and save money on energy costs, while reducing pollution due to electricity production.”

To catch the full story, click the video below to watch Savenia Labs on Fox 5, or visit our YouTube channel

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